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Bungee Jump Victoria Falls

Bungee Jumping 111 meters off the magnificent Victoria falls Bridge is said to be one of the most challenging, terrifying, crazy, exhilarating things to do. Victoria Falls has become the adventure capital of Africa and it easy to see why. Plummeting that distance in the hopes that you will eventually be caught byt the safely secured cord has got to get some serious adrenaline pumping, buzzing through your body. the thrill come from free falling and then rebounding again, something all adrenaline junkies must most definitely try as it is an experience quite like no other. Not much can get better than seeing the stunning Gorge underneath you and constantly getting closer to suddenly get pulled upwards. Vic Falls promises that no matter where you go, a view and experience exactly like this one will be extremely hard to find.

Some say it’s the best Bungee jump in the world and its difficult to dispute that and although it’s not the highest jump the thrill matches up exactly to the one you will receive from the free fall at  Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa which is an incredible 233m. But without a doubt the bungee jump  is renowned due to the  picturesque backdrop of the magnificent Victoria Falls and the fact that you are free falling down towards the Mighty  glistening Zambezi River. But what ever the reason is why the Vic Falls Bungee jump is incredible is is safe to say that it is a massive adrenaline rush!

If you are not brave enough to do this incredible free fall alone, you can always try to convince or coax a buddy to leap with you and opt for the tandem jump. It is just as exhilarating and gives a chance to everyone to experience he nique adrenaline rush with someone else, so you are not all on your own.

First timers normally do a standard head first dive, but the more experienced and adrenaline junkies try all sorts of intricate flips, amazing backflips and jaw dropping inward tucks and surprisingly, so much more.

Pre booked and paid bungee jumpers are entitled to a full refund up until they sign the indemnity form on the beautiful bridge and start to safely strap up, you are then past the point of no return but once the jump is initiated you will be so thrilled that you never chickened out.

For those of you interested in the ins and outs of your safety, below are the steps followed as well as some additional information.

Bungee Jumping Information

The ankle harness has two components:

* Padding to provide protection to the ankles.

* Mountaineering webbing (3,000 kg working load).

The webbing is secured over the padding and around both legs just above the ankles, binding both legs firmly together.

The knot used is a self-loading knot that is impossible to either slip or come undone during the jump.

There have been over 500,000 jumps world wide using this particular ankle tie method without an incident of it slipping or coming undone.

The client is harnessed up for the jump and is safely attached at all times.

Jumpers are placed in a waist harness with a separate attachment to the bungee cord as a secondary back up and for recovery back to the bridge.

* All connections to the bungee cord are made before the platform safety line is removed.

* The Jumpers’ weight is transmitted through the ankle harness to the bungee cord, which stretches out to   approximately three times the original length.

* This elongation provides a gradual deceleration of the jumper’s free-fall without placing any sudden stressful   forces on the jumper.

* Clients can decide at any stage not to jump.

* At no stage is anybody forced to jump or pushed. However, after the registration process has been completed,  jumps paid for are considered non refundable and non transferable.