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Elephant Safaris Victoria Falls

Elephant back Safaris in Victoria Falls brought to you by GetAway Safaris is a truly unique experience to travel with these majestic creatures. They enable you to safely and leisurely ride on a African elephant through the naturally beautiful bush amongst the interesting wild animals high above the ground. This is an opportunity quite like no other, authentic African experience like nothing else you will find, interacting with one of natures incredible animals in their natural habitat. this is an ideal way to be apart of the world around you and the wilderness while being at the best vantage point.

With these Elephant back safaris in Victoria Falls you can experience an age old tradition whilst silently uncovering and revealing interesting things about the majestic grasslands of Victoria Falls National Park and enjoy the perfect back drop of Masuie river plunging 120 m into the Zambezi river below to your amazing ride.

Be witness to this equally rewarding and beautiful friendship between our man kind and majestic elephant in a modern day Africa. Enticing sunrise safaris are run every day, ensuring you so much more than just a game-viewing experience, but also a uniquely closer insight into the worlds largest land mammal, the African Elephant. Getaway Safaris offers morning and afternoon Elephant back safaris. The blazing ball of fire appearing over the horizon or disappearing beyond the horizon will be adding to your unmissable and unforgettable experience. The morning Safari includes a delicious full English breakfast and you will be constantly refreshed with the large choice of beverages on offer.. With Getaway safaris this is an option you cannot miss out on.