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Jet Boat Trips Victoria Falls

Jet Boat trips are breathtaking, brought to you by GetAway Safaris in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, this allows you to get spectacular views of the magnificent Victoria Falls from a completely different angle and perspective. There are daily departures so you have any chance to seize this opportunity. Except on days when the water is very high or very low, only for your safety and comfort, there are no departures.

These Jet boat trips are based at the bottom of the most spectacular of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A client can very easily and very quickly jump aboard the specially designed, safe but high speed jet boat and prepare for some naturally induced awe and exhilaration as you gaze onto the masterpiece of nature all around you. A full forty five minute adrenaline pumping, fun filled trip on a uniquely comfortable jet boating opportunity.

Nothing quite prepares you for what is about to come when you embark on one if these speed boats so after strpping yourslef safely and securely into the life jacket and listening to a brief and informative talk from your very skilled and very experienced driver you are taken for a quick warm up to ‘prepare you for what you are about to go through and by now you are revved up, excited and ready to go. The driver suddenly goes full throttle and you ramp up on the first rapid speeding towards the base of the spectacular Victoria Falls your amazing and incredible experience has suddenly started and you want stop loving every minute of the water splashing onto your face and the crisp refreshing air whirling past you. during this outstanding experience you will also be given a brief informative talk on the geological formation of the gorge and Falls and the history of the famous Victoria Falls Bridge.

This is one of the worlds most amazing and greatest jet boat adventures and with the impeccable service of GetAway Safaris you will be able to take all the unforgettable memories him to tell all the loved ones you have about the exceptional time you had and have them listening with utter envy.