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David Livingstone once said “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by Angels in their flight”… Victoria Falls Zimbabwe – named by David in honor of his British Queen.

An iconic landmark 1.7 km wide with almost 550 million litres of water falling nearly 108 meters bragging natural beauty and unbelievable power, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe should be on your bucket list.


Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

We welcome you to Getaway safaris, based in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. With new owner ship comes a new look, and we at Getaway Safaris are proud to say that our very classy office interior has been provided by avid photographers, Matthew Love and Shaun McMinn.


Shaun McMinn after a hard days work


A new look



Come in and view scenes from our robust african wildlife to our Majestic Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, all captured on canvas by Shaun and Matthew to feast your eyes and melt your heart. Scenes you would surely want to take home with you, scenes available at Getaway Safaris.



Janet and Pretty

From luxury accommodation in to adrenalin pumping activities based in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe or even just a little bit of advice, we are Getaway Safaris and are here to assist you and your every need. Janet and Pretty will help you in every possible matter ensuring your stay is one never to be forgotten. The simplicity of it all is overpowering…. we list, you choose, you arrive and it is all done – hassle free.

Experience this wonder of the world Victoria Falls Zimbabwe be it on an adrenaline pumping bridge or gorge activity, in the air on a breathtaking view from a helicopter ride, on foot through the Rain Forest on a sunset river cruise, rafting, canoeing or a more tranquil Tram ride. Be a part of our heritage and take a little something back in your heart and on film. The possibilities are endless with Getaway Safaris Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

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