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The Boma Restaurant Victoria Falls

The Boma, place of eating is one of the finest restaurants in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It specialises in an outstanding selection of traditional delicious Zimbabwean dishes and is renowned for its exceptional warthog fillet. Feast on an expertly designed and prepared four-course meal of mouth watering starters from the kitchen, soup from the campfire, an enormous and unmissable barbeque buffet served on rustically beautiful  cast iron plates with a wide variety of exquisite salads, followed by a very tough selection  of delicious desserts. Even the most discerning of guests tastes are catered for at The Boma Restaurant and whilst the adventurous are enticed with local delicacies such as Mopani worms and game stews, those wishing to enjoy beef, pork, fish and chicken or a variety of vegetarian meals are welcome to do so.

An on-site shop sells some of the frequently requested accessories such as The Boma cruet sets, potjies, polo shirts, chitenges and caps. Tapes and CDs of our traditional entertainment are also a popular memento.

At The Boma, place of eating you will be experiencing african culture in its true form. An authentic African inspired journey of the senses as your taste buds go on a wild adventure, your eyes are intrigued by the beautiful way the dancers bodies of which seems so fluid, your sense of smell will keep you enticed as to what is about to emerge from the skilled chefs and your sense of hearing will be flooded with the rhythmically soothing sound of drums beating and booming. The Boma Restaurant simply enhances the magnificent time you will already be having in the majestic Victoria Falls with some scrumptious meals.

Advance reservations are necessary and at The Boma they advise that you book for restaurant when booking your Victoria Falls itinerary. The restaurant seats 300 people in the dry season (April to October) and 230 people in the rainy season (November to March). And luckily exclusive use of The Boma Restaurant can be arranged, based on a minimum of 230 guests for those who want to spread the experience to their family and friends in an intimate, private gathering beautiful organised with all the attractions as always that The Boma Restaurant has to offer.

It is recommended that guests of The Boma Restaurant dress casually in cool, light clothing in the hot summer months from September to April and in warm clothing during the cold winter months from May to August.

They strictly advise that you are seated by 19h15 for an amazing evening filled with outstanding entertainment from Amakhwezi traditional dancers to a local storyteller and a fortune teller – do not rush off after the lovely dinner you would have just had, stay for a little longer as you can join in the fantastic drumming extravaganza from 21h00, which is always promised to be  a highlight of the evening.