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White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

White Water Rafting in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls White Water Rafting was really the first of the adrenaline activities to start but most definitely is still up there with all the thrilling heart racing activities on offer for you in and around the beautiful area. The thundering Victoria falls provide the perfect back ground for your amazing and unforgettable holiday.

The mighty Zambezi is classified as an extremely high volume, pool drop river. The river floods generally between mid February and the end of June. Massive volumes, in excess of four times that of the Colorado River flood over the Falls at peak. Nearly half of the rapids are classified as Grade 5 – Grade 6 is “unrunnable”. You will be promised an adventure like no other as the wind rushes and whistles past you and you ramp unchartered water. There is a maximum limit of four people on each trip simply for safety requirement and clients must be over fifteen years old.

Approximately 50 000 clients per year experience white water rafting on the majestic  Zambezi on a stretch of water that is now internationally acclaimed as the best white water rafting trip available in the world. Just something that is going to enhance your trip in the breath taking Victoria Falls. At GetAway Safaris and Victoria Falls you have a choice as to how long you would like the adventure to be. You can opt for half-day, full day, and multi day rafting from Livingstone on the Zambian side of Vic Falls. Renowned as the best white water rafting in the world down the Zambezi river.

As your safety is paramount to GetAway Safaris and while going White Water Rafting it is considered like spending the day in the washing machine so don’t think of taking and any valuables you would hate to lose to the water below you, including cameras and spectacles, unless they are absolutely vital. You will have the most incredible time, that is promised.

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